Chesapeake Bay, East Coast and Beyond

Trawler Time now has three ways to go boating:

#1 Try a one hour dinghy ride in the Rock Hall harbor with complimentary beverages. Three passenger maximum.

#2 "Picnic Cruise" the Rock Hall area in ADIRONDACK, beverages and lunch included. Six passenger maximum.

#3 Charter ADIRONDACK for any period from a day and night to a week. Four passenger maximum.

Cruise – without owning
Learn – before buying
Increase your skills and your confidence with your own boat
Your cruise and your schedule.


Trawler Time is a very different concept in chartering.

Go out for a real taste of cruising Chesapeake Bay this summer. We wake up, have coffee and breakfast and check the weather. Then we make some sort of plan for the day and rarely stick to it. Sometimes we anchor, sometimes we stay at a marina. Eat on the boat or at a restaurant. This is a real taste of the cruising lifestyle.

ADIRONDACK will also follow idyllic cruising weather south this fall. Imagine cruising with us from Chesapeake Bay to Florida. Meet us at a port somewhere along the Intracoastal waterway and travel along the coast, stopping at a new spot every day. This is how to learn trawlering.

Capt. Jeff Janacek is a USCG 100T Licensed Master of the Great Lakes, Near Coastal and Inland Lakes and chartered for almost ten years on Lake Superior. He has cruised over 45,000 miles, including the Great Loop, DownEast Circle Loop, Intracoastal Waterway, Alaska’s Inside Passage, the Caribbean Sea and the Bahamas and is a seasoned powerboat instructor. Check out the family blog at

Capt. Jeff will teach you all the tricks of the trawlering trade, including different kinds of trawlers, trawlering etiquette, rules of the road, docking, anchoring, maintenance, knots, navigation, cruising tips, meal planning, everything you need to know about handling, acquiring and keeping up a trawler. Or you can just come along for the ride, and leave the driving to him, although help with boat duties is greatly appreciated.




Trawler and Travels

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2014-04-02, 13:45
Captain Jeff makes his passengers feel safe , comfortable and engaged. The boat is so maneuverable that we could move quietly past some whales w...
2014-04-02, 13:44
Susan and I have enjoyed the Adirondack and life on the water with Jeff several times. We’ve travelled on Lake Superior and along the Intercoastal W...

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